Consulting Engineers Company

Entebaghgaran Owj Consulting Engineers Company (Private Joint Stock) successfully obtained Certificate of Competency from Strategic Directorate of the Presidency with a cooperation of a group of competent specialists and experts having specialized expertise in the field of refinery, gas, petrochemical industries, geo-technique and strength of material.
Since the managers and senior engineers of the company are appointed among adept oil and petrochemical industries, they form a group with long record of experience in engineering and design, management of projects and implementation stages in oil, gas and petrochemical industries and they can carry out a better need assessment for project and offer necessary services.
Entebaghgaran Owj Consulting Engineers Company works in the field of development of oil and gas reserves, technical/economic studies of major projects, process studies and use of latest technologies in oil, gas and refinery process, liquid transfer systems, design of treatment, separation, density, transmission of natural gas, engineering and design of new refineries and renovation of existing ones, petrochemical, chemical industries, technical inspection, excavation operation and geo-technique studies.